Saturday, March 18, 2006

Packing for Argentina

March 18. We spent the day meeting each other, the eight of us (plus one more who will join us in Miami), who will be making this great biking trip to the northwest of Argentina. We picked our bikes and got them in riding order in the morning and took a break for lunch at Acadia, near the Two Wheel View offices in Minneapolis.
I am not taking Silver, my trusty touring bike which carried me across the U.S. last summer because a mountain bike configuration is better for this trip. I have some regrets about that because Silver and I became quite attached last summer. But he understands and this way he will not get all beat up travelling in several different airline baggage compartments to get to Salta, Argentina where we start the trip.
After lunch it was group activities for an hour to get to know each other better and then serious packing. Packing for a group expedition is much different than packing for a solo expedition. We need to coordinate everything and get everything into the packs we will be carrying on the bike for the trip because there is no leaving extra luggage to pick up on the return. On this trip we never see the same place twice until we are back in Miami.
After packing we all gathered along with spouses and some other supporters of Two Wheel View to feast on pizza and sip a few brews at Pizza Luce. P.L. has been a supporter of TWV and they donated everything to the cause. Needless to say, left a nice tip. Thanks Pizza Luce. Everybody, stop in for a pizza. It is great.
Tomorrow we are off. Yesterday Rick McFerrin, our peerless leader and founder of Two Wheel View, learned that our flight out of Miami had been change from 8pm to 5am the next day. So, we will spend a night in Miami and then miss our connection in Buenos Aires so we will spend a night there before we fly to Salta, Argentina. So the adventure begins and already some unforeseen circumstances to deal with. It should be interesting.
I will have occassional internet access on the trip and will update the blog periodically as we travel.
Thanks again to all who contributed to TWV for this fund raising trip. We made our goal and more kids will be able to make an international biking trip that will open their eyes and change their life. All who contributed are a part of that. Thank you.


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice message bun. I'll tell Lynne O. she can continue to follow. Have a great time and don't worry about the kitchen. K.


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